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    Our old-fashioned, hand-kneaded biscuits have three simple ingredients: locally-milled flour, buttermilk and shortening. Stop by and watch our biscuit makers roll out fresh biscuits in front of you.

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    When we say we are locally Southern, we mean it. That's why we partner with vendors in the area to bring you the freshest, most authentic ingredients possible. Learn more.

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    We're owned by a family, act like a family and treat our guests like family. If you like serving others, consider becoming a Biscuitville family member.

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    Back for the New Year: our Banana Nut Muffin. Freshly-baked with moist banana and crunchy walnuts. Perfect for breakfast or any time of the day!

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Food with Integrity

We're big on supporting local family businesses because we're one, too. Click a story icon to learn more.

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What started as a small, family egg farm is now Pride of the Morning. For over 30 years, Pride of the Morning has partnered with local and regional producers, growers and farmers to bring the best eggs, dairy and produce to the market.

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Privately-owned and operated in North Carolina, Renwood Mills believes in the tradition of small batch milling with locally sourced grains to bring the “Essence of Southern Baking” to your table.

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Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce

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Carolina Classic Catfish

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Pimento Cheese
Pimento cheese is a staple of the South, and one of the most recognized and beloved brands is made right here in North Carolina.

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Andrew Hunter

Meet Chef


As luck would have it, Chef Andrew Hunter was introduced to Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN® in 2010. We quickly realized he was the refreshingly authentic and talented chef we needed to build our new, one-of-a-kind FRESH SOUTHERN lunch menu.

While Chef Andrew's style is the perfect complement to our somewhat old-fashioned culture, he brings a wealth of culinary art and worldliness to our new, Southern Inspired sandwiches and sides.

Full Bio

Andrew Hunter Cooking

“I’ve had the privilege of working with lots of A-List chefs and personalities on their menus and retail food lines, and I can say without reservation that I’m proudest of the work I’m doing with Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN.” - Chef Andrew

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Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN®

Locally-owned and operated since 1966, Biscuitville serves Southern Inspired food the old-fashioned way. Our hand-kneaded biscuits are prepared in front of guests every 15 minutes, each and every day.

Located throughout North Carolina and Virginia, we’re locally Southern and darn proud of it. 

The Biscuitville menu includes our famous breakfast biscuits, platters and sweets, and now includes our new lunch sandwiches and sides created by Chef Andrew Hunter.