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Mountainbrook Fresh Bread & Milk is where it all began in 1966. Maurice Jennings, a former flour broker, found this to be a natural fit for him and opened two bread stores in Burlington, NC. While operating the bread stores, he decided to give making fresh pizzas a shot. There was space in the current operation to accommodate it. There was a demand for take-out pizza. Carrying on the fresh theme made perfect sense. Thus, Pizza-To-Go was born. One thing led to another, and by 1972 there were six pizza restaurants that eventually would become known as Pizzaville.

Since not too many folks want pizza at seven in the morning, Maurice decided to put the ovens to use baking biscuits. A customer's purchase of a fresh baked biscuit included a trip to the jelly bar. The customers, thankfully, weren?t one bit shy about telling us what they wanted. They wanted ham?a slice of good old Southern country ham on their biscuit. The jelly was out, country ham was in and soon customers were lined up out the doors.

About Us - Bacon Egg and Cheese

It wasn't long before the made-from-scratch biscuits were outselling pizza. Maurice began entertaining the idea of opening a full-time biscuit restaurant. In 1975, he made the leap and opened the first Biscuitville on Patton Street in Danville, VA. The reception to the idea was tremendous and sales were great, initiating a boom in growth. The boom included a sweeping conversion of all the Pizzavilles into Biscuitvilles, as well as, the opening of brand new Biscuitvilles. By 1982, twenty-five restaurants were open serving ham, eggs, bacon, steak, chicken and sausage.

Today, Biscuitville has fifty restaurants in NC and VA and is led by Burney Jennings, Maurice's son. On average, the company goes through 28,600 pounds of flour; 4,000 pounds of country ham; 11,500 pounds of sausage and 9,500 pounds of bacon every week. That's a lot of growth and many biscuits sold all in the name of fresh, friendly and fast!

About Us - Artistry At Its Finest
So where did this legendary biscuit at the beginning of this journey come from Maurice himself tested the recipe over and over until the biscuits were perfect. The dough had to be handled just right, not too little and most definitely not too much. When they came out of the oven, the biscuits had to be the perfect shade of golden brown. They had to have a texture that wasn?t too bumpy and not too smooth. And layers, lots and lots of break-apart, make-your-mouth-water layers. Once he felt he had achieved recipe perfection, then came the next step, putting together an operation that enabled this recipe to be made over and over again with consistency, speed and perfection. This began with one very clear and distinct guildeline. You never skimp, never substitute, never vary, never alter! We still make biscuits today the old fashioned way. The process is perfected and the outcome is a biscuit that no one else has yet been able to rival.

About Us - Canadian Bacon Supreme

Surely back in the early 70's, made-from-scratch biscuits seemed like a simple concept. In theory it is. You use three ingredients; flour, buttermilk and shortening. You mix, knead, roll, cut and bake them. There is a talent required for making the perfect biscuit. When you watch our biscuitmakers through their windows, they seem almost lost in creating a masterpiece. It is amazing and entertaining to watch. They produce hundreds and hundreds of biscuits with perfection, precision, and pride. Don?t let the simplicity of the idea fool you. It's definitely an art.

As you look back over Biscuitville's history, there is so much evidence of change and growth. Even though change is necessary, what has made Maurice's original vision such a successful reality is what hasn't changed. Fresh, Friendly and Fast. There's a pattern. The whole journey for Maurice, and now Burney, has always been about these three things. Many people in this company share this same opinion about Biscuitville's success. They have made it their mission to continue the pursuit of making our guests day better all while protecting the authenticity of our made-from-scratch biscuits.

It is in our customers that we find confirmation of just how successful the journey started by Maurice all those years ago really is. It began with the vision of selling the perfect biscuit. Forty years later, Biscuitville has succeeded in making itself a regular part of its customers' day, every day for quite a few. We are intertwined in a lifetime of their memories and special moments. That is the making of a legacy. At the heart of which will always be fresh, friendly and fast.

Thank you for your interest in the possibility of owning a Biscuitville franchise. At the present time all of our restaurants are company owned and we do not sell franchises. Should our position change on franchising, we will communicate that information on our website.

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Burney Jennings

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