1129 W. Club Blvd.
27701 Durham NC

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Mon - Sat: 5:30 AM to 2 PM
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Store #103

W. Club Blvd. (Durham)

Once a gas station-turned-Pizzaville, our store has since completed its metamorphosis into a beautiful Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN® restaurant. As one of several Durham Biscuitville restaurants, we claim our unique identity in being the only location to focus exclusively on dine-in guests, as we do not have a drive-thru window.

When you visit us for your fix of FRESH SOUTHERN® food, expect to receive outstanding service and a delicious meal made the old fashioned way – by hand. If you’re lucky, you might be served by Joaquin Ponce, the 2013 Biscuitville Bake Off Champion (crew division), but you’ll definitely be joining a community that places value on good, local food and service to one another.

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