Cutting Board


Happy Holidays from Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN!

December 22, 2014

Watch our Happy Holidays video!

Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN restaurants will...

Biscuitville Selected For Annual Ornament Fundraiser

November 25, 2014

Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN® (, a local family-owned restaurant known for its authentic, Southern-style breakfasts, has...

King of Biscuits

November 19, 2014

(courtesy of O'Henry Magazine. Story by Jim Dodson.)

Behold the Southern-style biscuit — life’s greatest food.


Let the Renovations Begin!

November 19, 2014

Heading into 2015, Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN plans to renovate all 54 restaurant locations to give them a refreshed, modern look. Two restaurants in Greensboro, NC, and one in Lynchburg, VA,...

Biscuitville goes local with new lunch menu

October 9, 2014

By Jennifer Bringle Special to Go Triad 

I don’t normally write about chain or fast-food restaurants in this column. I prefer to stick to local establishments. However, sometimes...