Ayden, NC

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Carolina Classics Catfish

The newest local business to partner with Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN is Carolina Classics Catfish. Located down east in Ayden, North Carolina, Carolina Classics Catfish is America's premium farm-raised catfish producer. Since 1985 from pond to plate, the catfish are grain-fed and farm-raised in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of hormones or synthetic farming chemicals. Mild and fresh tasting, Carolina Classics Catfish is the hero of the guest-favorite Southern Fried Catfish sandwich, available at participating Triad Biscuitville FRESH SOUTHERN locations.

"We are thrilled to be part of the Biscuitville family as the supplier of a crispy, mild and tasty Southern favorite - farm-raised catfish. For 30 years, we have been raising these fish on our family farms using all-natural ingredients and methods. We are so glad that Biscuitville has introduced its Southern Fried Catfish sandwich - a fresh take on a regional, classic food." Rob Mayo, President of Carolina Classics Catfish

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