Biscuitville Ranked a Top Regional Breakfast Chain on Thrillist

Thrillist lists Biscuitville Fresh Southern as a top regional breakfast chain that should be everywhere!

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We're all about lining up for artisan eggs (like regular eggs, but with goat butter!) at the hip restaurant down the street, but that doesn't mean we should overlook the great regional chains that fry up consistency in multiple locations on the regular.

Egg-centric restaurants ranging from 100-location behemoths to upstart chains-in-the-making are frying up eye-opening takes on AM favorites, and no matter how much you love your neighborhood diner, no part of the country should be deprived of kolaches, Cuban pastries, and even better neighborhood diners. Here are 13 such regional breakfast concepts that deserve to open on a corner near you.


Where it is: North Carolina and Virginia
Why you need it: Because every 15 minutes they crank out a new batch of hand-made biscuits stuffed with Southern comforts like pimento cheese, fried chicken, and pork chops.
What you're getting: A pimento cheese and bacon biscuit with a side of grits and a side of honey buns