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What Would You Do With Life After 2? 

The Biscuitville Story


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Given the choice of the family farm or the family biscuit recipe, Maurice Jennings literally

“bets the farm on the biscuit.”

A former flour broker, he opens two Mountainbrook Fresh Bread & Milk stores in Burlington, NC.

Maurice Jennings
Frying Pan Biscuits
Pizzaville - 1967


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Maurice begins selling pizzas & opens several



in the mornings, with a jelly bar for guests to add their favorite jams and jellies. Soon, lines are out the front door.


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The First
Biscuitville Opens


from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., in Danville, VA.
(North Carolinians are bummed.)

Biscuitville Store - 1975


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8 Biscuitvilles
are now open,


including North Carolina.
(North Carolinians are happy.)


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Home Office and Distribution Center Opens in Graham.


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25 Stores Are Now Open

serving country ham, eggs, bacon, steak, chicken and sausage.

An exceptional biscuit-maker can make 90 biscuits

(and just about as many friends) in 15 minutes.

Life After 2


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Closing Time is Cut Back

to 2 p.m. in all but ten stores.

Life after 2 Begins.


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Burney Jennings

becomes president & CEO, now with

42 Locations
& Employing Over 750 People.


(Biscuits are rolling, and so is business.)

Burney Jennings
Biscuit Biscuit Biscuit Biscuit


50 Biscuitvilles are Now Open.
Biscuitville Store



Biscuitville Fresh Southern®  Rebranding

begins, including new logo and restaurant design


50 Years of Freshville
Biscuits with Benefits Biscuits with Benefits

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