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Healthy or Hellooo There!

Choose between our tasty, high-protein English Muffin Sandwiches and our mouthwatering, sweet-and-savory Waffle Sandwiches, featuring crispy Belgian waffles made with real butter and no artificial ingredients by a family-owned company in Tennessee. The choice is yours: good for you…or “good gracious almighty!”


Learn more about the family-owned story of Ginny's Waffles.

New! Raspberry Seasonal Muffin.

Fresh-baked and hot out of the oven, our raspberry seasonal muffin is sweet and satisfying.





33g Protein, 0g Boring.

Sure, we all want to eat healthier this time of year, but why not excite your taste buds at the same time with one of our tasty, high-protein English Muffin Sandwiches?


Learn more about the local chicken story.


Local Ingredients - Kids Activity for FREE Biscuit.

Did you know our country ham comes from Wilkesboro, North Carolina? Or that the flour for our delicious, scratch-made biscuits is from a local milling family down the road in Henderson, North Carolina? We're big on supporting local family businesses - because we're one, too!


Download the coloring sheet to share with your kids and learn more about our local ingredients story. Be sure to bring your finished coloring sheet to your favorite Biscuitville Fresh Southern® restaurant to receive a FREE biscuit (see sheet for details; offer expires 12/31/19). Learn more about our local partner stories here.