Real Estate Site Submittal - Biscuitville

Real Estate Site Submittal

With over 50 years in business and 59 locations across the Southeast, Biscuitville Fresh Southern® is a strong addition to any commercial or non-traditional dining area. Our family-owned privately-held company is always seeking out new sites which will enable us to serve the diverse needs of our customers. If you have or know of a location in North Carolina or Southern Virginia that meets our criteria, please fill out the fields below.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a part of our growth strategy!

Please be aware that as a privately-held company, we do not accept franchising inquiries.

Before you submit your site for review, please refer to our site criteria checklist.


  • Broker Contact Information

  • Local Information

  • Location Data

Preferred Site Criteria Checklist

Site Criteria:

  • Preference to purchase real estate, will consider ground lease if feasible and in a great location
  • “Morning side” of commuter traffic
  • Drive thru zoning/approval required
  • Prefer central location to a local commuter traffic vs. only interstate driven traffic
  • Approximately 0.8 +/- to 1.0 +/- acre usable site, corner best with minimum 2 curb cuts from primary street and 1 curb cut from secondary street
  • Accessiblity: no constraints ether manmade or natural
  • High visibility from major streets and highways with breaks in traffic
  • Minimum 37 parking spaces on site, or availability for shared parking
  • Minimum drive thru stacking of 9-11 cars
  • Prefer traffic signal/intersection egress/ingress – no medians
  • Traffic counts at a minimum of 25,000 CPD
  • Prototype footprint typically ranges between 2800sf – 3300sf
  • Monument/Pylon signage availability, with reader board

Trade Area Guidelines:

  • Residential population minimum of 4000 within 1-mile radius
  • Avg HH income between $45,000 – $65,000 minimum
  • Prefer to be located within a daily community hub area vs. tourist/resort corridor

Value-Added Options include:

  • Nearby schools, universities
  • Nearby office parks, hospitals
  • Nearby military installations
  • Concentration of rooftops, apartments and/or condos within 3-mile radius
  • Interstate traffic in addition to local commuter traffic

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